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Top 10 Unique Ideas To Use In Your Email Marketing

Here are 10 ideas to use in your email marketing:

  1. Create a Rewards Club

    Use an exclusive club to make your subscribers feel special and also to generate excitement for an offer that you have coming up. Do you have holiday packages you are promoting? Giving early access to your club will make them feel special and loved.

  2. Newsletter

    Make sure that your subscribers do not miss out on the great stuff you are ready to own schedule, but make      sure you are consistent.

  3. Behind the Scenes

    Use email to send a recap of your latest conference, office event or volunteer event that you and/or your staff took part in. Showcase your culture and offer your readers a look inside your day to day!

    Use your email to share a case study that shares an awesome client who has been successful with your products and services and is also happy with you and your company

  4. Customer Success Story:

    Use your email to share a case study that shares an awesome client who has been successful with your products and services and is also happy with you and your company

  5. Top 10 List

    Create an email that shares top tips for using one of your products or how they can enhance what they’ve learned and implemented with your services. For example, our Instagram for Business master class takes the user how to build a successful business account on Instagram. As a follow up, we may send an email giving our readers a list of the top 10 highest converting Instagram posts.

  6. Blog Post Round Up

    Create a roundup of your latest or most popular blog posts from the last month and send this out in a newsletter format. This will get your links to your readers who may have missed it the first time around. You can also gather up your favorite posts around the internet concerning your topic. It is a create way to create outbound links from your website. Google or look on Pinterest for newsletter format ideas.

  7. Use Themes

    Create unique emails by using themes throughout the year. For example, Thanksgiving is in November, so you could create an email that focuses on the reason for the season. Offer a look into your company or personal experience of gathering food for your local food bank. Vertical Response offers a full list of ideas to use throughout the year.

  8. Thank You Email

    Speaking of the reason for the season, you can use your email marketing to simply say thanks to your email subscribers and customers. These are the ones who support you along the way and they deserve a word of thanks every once in a while!

  9. Ask for Feedback

    Every once in a while here at IMU, we will ask our subscribers to take a survey or reply to a question in our email. We are always looking to improve what we do, and need feedback from our readers to improve what’s most important to them. Additionally, if a customer makes a purchase you can send a thank you email asking what they thought of the purchase process, or the product itself.

  10. Reminder Email

    Do you have a sale going on that is about to expire? Be sure to send a gentle reminder to your email list to let them know they are about to lose out. Note* Be careful with your subject line! Readers don’t want to feel like they are only good for their money.


    Email marketing can bring real revenue into your business. Be sure to think beyond the email blasts asking people to buy, buy, BUY! Your email list is your biggest asset in your online toolkit; bigger than your social media following. People have taken the time to sign up and give you their email address partly if not mostly because they want to hear from you! Be sure to nurture them as you would any other customer or friend in your business.

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